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悟りの窓 Genkoan temple,Kyoto <window of enlightenment> to represent the universe circle ... represents the heart of the circle through and Zen <window of hesitation> represents the struggle of illness Shoro ... represents the life of the human

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今日のテーブル : 花柄

Thuss-and-Farrell Liberty-Napkin-and-Floral-Table-Styling

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Kiyomizu-dera Temple (清水寺)

Bishamondo temple, Kyoto, Japan 毘沙門堂 京都


Fall in Daitoku-ji temple, Koto-in Zen Temple, Kyoto, Japan

Ruriko-in, Kyoto, Japan


Sumally (サマリー) は、この世界に存在するすべてのモノの"百科事典"の作成を目指しています。あなたの好きなプロダクトをサマリーで世界に発信し、モノ百科事典を作りましょう。 / Sumally is an online encyclopedia of treasured objects. Sumally's growing community of users can keep track of who owns what, and who wants what.

暗闇で光る蓄光塗料。生活が楽しくなる使い方のまとめ | iemo[イエモ]


floral chandeliers ~ Cover basic paper lanterns (available in the Card and Party Department at Hobby Lobby) with a flutter of delicate hydrangea blossoms. Just clip the lacy petals from the blooms and hot glue them into place. Tip: For added ambiance, string the flowers onto invisible thread, tie them to the bottom of the lantern, and then let them dangle.