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美しすぎる日本の伝統儀式「流鏑馬 (やぶさめ)」陰陽道で宇宙と呼応する画像 26選

美しすぎる日本の伝統儀式「流鏑馬 (やぶさめ)」陰陽道で宇宙と呼応する画像 26選 #流鏑馬 #伝統

美しすぎる日本の伝統儀式「流鏑馬 (やぶさめ)」陰陽道で宇宙と呼応する画像 26選:DDN JAPAN

Japanese ancient game from Heian period (794~1185), Kai awase 貝合わせ - shell matching game

【楽天市場】貝合わせ (絵合わせ) 【雛祭り】:ジオクラフト

Japanese Hina dolls and Karuta cards


23 ladies in heian outfits enjoying a card game of uta-garuta in Yasaka shrine, Kyoto. 03.12.13 . This game is traditionally played during the New Year's holidays. There are 100 cards in the deck, and each has a poem written on it - from the "Hyakunin Isshu" ("one hundred people, one poem each") anthology. 平安装束で華麗に「かるた始め」 京都・八坂神社