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Onigiri, Japanese Rice Balls おにぎり


Cute Japanese rice (Make with Pongal instead and add peppercorn eyes and carrot feet etc - Pongal Chicks!)


Japanese rice balls, Onigiri with cod roe, shrimp, and dried horse mackerel たらこ、海老、あじのおにぎり

Onigiri (Rice Balls)

Onigiri ( Japanese Rice balls). Cooked Japanese rice [We do not use vinegared sushi rice!] (2 rice cooker measuring cups (360ml) of uncooked rice)* Water Salt A few sheets of nori (seaweed) Fillings Salted salmon Umeboshi (Japanese salty pickled plum) Katsuobushi (bonito flakes) Soy sauce Wet hands, add salt,add filling, mold

Shiso Omusubi with Chicken Karaage For Cherry Blossom Parties & Picnics

For Cherry Blossom Parties Picnics ♪ Shiso Omusubi with Chicken Kara-age

話題沸騰?! チーズスパムのおにぎらず

話題沸騰?! チーズスパムのおにぎらず|レシピブログ

Japanese Lunch Meals with Nori-wrapped Onigiri Rice Ball, Tamagoyaki Omelet, Tofu Soup

Japanese food / きんぴら、お浸し、大豆の煮もの、おにぎり

Desayuno japonés con onigiris de umeboshi //

Octopus Rice (Tako Meshi) by bananagranola (busy), via Flickr