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Direction Line | RGB Products | Lumi Letter RGB Line |Showcase | Total Sign Manufacturer DAIKAN

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IntelliStreets lights | ditch the camera and this is awesome! I WANT THIS!!!

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필룩스 + 성균관대학교 개인 맞춤화 조명 서비스 브랜드 Coffeelux 조명카페 사업 활용 예정

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LED Coaster

This smart car seat clip knows if you leave your kid in the car

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아이비콘의 라이벌, 구글 에디스톤(Eddystone)

1분 안에 응급환자 곁으로 ‘앰뷸런스 드론’

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Street Lighting Electricity Consumption Cut By 61% With LEDs & Wireless Controls

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Smart LED Spec 표가 링크에 있으니 참고하세요~

The GEAR - 스타트업: [오늘의 크라우드펀딩] 반려견에게는 애플워치보다 '버디'

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