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God Bless our Fukushima

My hometown Fukushima, We love Fukushima!!
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Colored leaves and Steam, JR Tadami-Line, Fukushima, Japan

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Vermilion in midwinter, Aizu, Fukushima, Japan

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Tsuruga Castle (鶴ヶ城)

Tsuruga-jo, Aizu Wakamatsu 福島 The reconstructed castle of Tsuruga-jo, or "Crane Castle," most famous for appearing to burn in 1868 causing the Byakkotai, White Tiger Band, to kill themselves (save one), on a nearby hillside (Iimori-yama) because they thought their castle had fallen. In reality, the castle was only scorched and the fire was in the town. The Meiji government didn't raze the castle until 1874, a time when most castles were beginning to be eliminated.

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◆錦秋の裏磐梯・湖水地方(五色沼編)・2013 (裏磐梯・猫魔) - 旅行のクチコミサイト フォートラベル

Urabandai, Fukushima, Japan 裏磐梯 福島

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Cherry tree in full bloom, Nihonmatsu, Fukushima, Japan

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Tatsuzawa Fudo Falls, Fukushima, Japan 達沢不動滝


福島県湯川村 勝常寺 薬師如来坐像(国宝)

Steam locomotive Aizu Tadami in autumn, Fukushima, Japan

Mikaduki Falls, Fukushima, Japan 三日月の滝 福島

Traditional thatched houses from the Edo period | Ouchi-juku, Fukushima, Japan 大内宿