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Kamen Rider 1 & 2, Kamen Rider V3 | 仮面ライダー1号、2号、V3

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ultraman leo

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The Double Riders and Kamen Rider V3

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Ultraseven (character)

Ultra Seven (The 1967 TV series 1967-1968), Created by Eiji Tsuburaya. In the not-too-distant future, the Earth finds itself constantly under attack from extraterrestrial threats. To combat them, the Terrestrial Defense Force establishes the Ultra Guard (ウルトラ警備隊), a team of six elite members who utilize high-tech vehicles and weaponry. Joining their fight is the mysterious Dan Moroboshi who is secretly an alien from the Land of Light in Nebula M-78, Ultraseven.(Wikipedia)

astromonster: “ウルトラマンレオ ”

ウルトラセブン ハイビジョンリマスター版