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Japanese Tenugui (wash cloth) pattern

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[和布華(わふか)] 丹頂鶴(金糸)【日本手拭い(てぬぐい)・お正月・縁起物・和風】手ぬぐい専門店「わざっか本舗」|わざっか本舗

Japanese washcloth, Tenugui 丹頂鶴 Japanese crane

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Japanese washcloth, Tenugui 和布華 春の富士山(金糸)Mt. Fuji in spring【gold thread type】

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濱文様 絵てぬぐい「雪の夜空」/ 鎌倉香紙堂


讃岐かがり手まり : Duften Days 2

Kirikane decorated balls by National Living Treasure of Japan as a Kirikane artist, Sayoko ERI (1945~2007) まり香盒 人間国宝・江里佐代子 (A kirikane is a decorative technique used for Buddhist statues and paintings, using gold leaf, silver leaf, platinum leaf cut into lines, diamonds and triangles.)