[yen] is shop where I participate in as a creator. I produce a product of the Japanese style and sell it.
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Very very cute FUGU (blowfish) lantern made by Japanese rice paper! 1play per 30L Common is rounded shape. No1~2 are rez ones that you can place at your room. Blowfish paper part is color-changeable from 10 colors. No3~12 is wear ones that you carry with your hand. The lantern moves as avatar walks. Holding hand poses can be changed via menu - 3 animation each for male and female. A man can be manly, a girl can be girly. Also from menu you can resize the lantern and change the hold up…

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NODATEGSASA -SAKURA- NODATE means traditional Japanese outdoor tea ceremony. They often use this type of big brilliant red parasol/ It is Generally made bigger than normal umbrellas so it can be a shade and it gives more color of red to the garden. It has important part of total look of Jaapnese garden! 4 color change-able paper. Resieze Script included Of course 100% original mesh. We are participating a Japanese themed event called ORIGAMI right now! as yen does not have our main…

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NODATE Bench NODATE means traditional Japanese outdoor tea ceremony. The ceremony often use this type of bench, with beautiful red sheet. As it is going to be a nice season to go outside, would you like a cup of Japanese tea and sweets to enjoy the view of spring? Props contained such as 2 Japanese sweets, 1 tea. You can start little tea ceremony right away with this bench. (Props will be attached when you select PROP menu and will be displayed while corresponding animation playing.)…

SAKURAN~GACHA~ 桜が咲き乱れ、はらはらと散るその刹那の美しさを、あなたのお部屋にも! 和室はもちろん、洋室にもあうキュートで粋なデザインです。 5種4色のバリエーションからなる28種類(COMON)と、黒2色、赤2色(RARE) 合計32種類。 1play per 36L /MOD/TRANSFER SAKURAN~GACHA~ Cherry blossom blooming and falling. The beauty of this very moment of sakura to your room" Ir will match with Japanese themed room for sure, and also it'd cute design would made nice decoration to the wetsern rooms. 5types 4colors and variations. 28 commons, Black 2color and red 2color (rare) So total 32 1pla...

sl-yen.blogspot.jp/2015/03/weve-made-japanese-tea-and-swe... ブログ(仮) お茶とお菓子はリンクはずせます つけてもはずしても1LI

SAKURAN ~GACHA~ Hanging cherry blossom deco - will fit with any room from the east to the west. 現物の一部とガチャは、現在参加しているORIGAMIイベント会場においてあります。 大きな桜の木に囲まれた幻想的な空間がとっても素敵です。 是非足をはこんでみてください。 maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Heiankyo/89/177/28

帽子の柄は9種類。 帽子本体の色が6色に変えられます。 RAREはOBAKEといいながら霊獣3種 獅子、獏、龍。 COMONは能面4種とちょうちんおばけときつねさんの6種類です。 帽子本体の色はかわりませんが、絵の色が4色に変えられます。 SIMOPENは本日SLT0:00です! あそびにいってね@ORIGAMI

OBAKE CAP | by .oOMiChiOo.

maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Papillon/26/241/36 1play per 30L 10 comon 1rare(10%)

maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Papillon/26/241/36 1play per 30L 10 comon 1rare(10%)

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