One of these days, I'll sit and read a book and drink coffee and munch delicious snacks in this room.

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Washitsu (Japanese style room), is a term used as an antonym for yoshitsu (Western style room). A feature of washitsu is tatami flooring. Washitsu usually have sliding doors (fusuma). They may have shoji & if used as a reception room, it may have a tokonoma (alcove for decorative items). Today, many Japanese houses have only 1 washitsu, used for entertaining guests. The furniture in a washitsu may include a low table at which a family may eat dinner or entertain guests, while sitting on…

Japanese room

Japanese room

Japanese home. Mine could NEVER be this uncluttered.

japanese spring

Modern Japanese-style room

Its blurry but I love everything about this besides the color of the comforter on the bed.

we still have our home phone from the 50's that looks just like this. receiver is so heavy, no wonder it can be used as a weapon. it is now wired to be used with current phone system.

Japanese style bed & stump nightstand

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