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葵祭(aoi-matsuri)2015斎王代(saioudai) KYOTO,JAPAN A woman dressed in junihitoe

Maiko dressed for Gion Festival in Kyoto, Japan

Maiko...not a sushi restaurant! A Geisha in training!! On our 'to see and take a pic' list when we're in Japan!

This picture is marked 'maiko, Kyoto Japan' but this lady's nagajuban is completely white, which would usually mark her as a Geisha rather than an apprentice Maiko.

Tomoe Gozen in Jidai Matsuri. The geisha Fukuteru of Miyagawa-cho portrays Tomoe Gozen, a famous female warrior, in Kyoto’s Jidai Matsuri. °

Traditional Embroidered Cranes Japanese Wedding Kimono and Headpiece for Brides

Young participant in the Zuiko Matsuri ~ Kyoto, Japan. October 4, 2013. Photography by Tamayura on Flickr

Kimono, Japan #japan #asia #geisha

Traditional OKINAWA(RYUKYU) costume, Japan