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tea packaging

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Japanese liquer. This white label makes the bottle to look sophisticated and it is also a very clean design.

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THE | good design company

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Filirea gi


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151E is a shop based in Fukuoka dedicated to Japan’s finest teas. The name is written in alpha-numeric characters, but is pronounced ichi-go ichi-e (一期一会), which is actually a Japanese phrase nearly impossible to translate for its multiple roots and interpretations. However, the term can be used to encourage one to cherish a once in a lifetime moment, or perhaps a cup of tea, in the tradition of tea ceremonies which are always of significance in Japanese culture.

Alishan Tea Science

Colors + Symbols to symbolize things. Love the white, not so much black and gold for PC branding

Созерцание лужицы молока на деревянном столе

Japanese lemon grass tea

Package Design for Japanese Tea

Inago Furikake by Akaoni Design - created

Portuguese Gourmet Brand Balances Work and Fun

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