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純粹美學 <wbr>- <wbr>義大利花器品牌 <wbr>Kose <wbr>Milano

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The details of Karamon gate in Encho-ji, Kamakura, Japan. The karamon or karakado (唐門 lit. Chinese gate?) is a type of gate seen in Japanese architecture. It is characterized by the usage of karahafu, an undulating bargeboard peculiar to Japan. Karamon are often used at the entrances of Japanese castles, Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, and have historically been a symbol of authority.

Maiko in Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan 嵐山

Vintage Japanese Traditional Pattern

graphic patterns by Yumeji Takehisa 1915 ( Taisho Era ) Japan

Molly M Design

Louis Reith

Plates with patterns from Swedish 10-Gruppen/Ten Swedish Designers


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