Love My Furry Baby Template :Stitched Up05 by Akizo Designs Kit : Furry Friends Woof by Cornelia Designs

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Little Lady Kit : Dahlia Collection by Akizo Designs Template : freebie template by Tiramisu designs Photo by alexramos10

Day of Christmas Template : Crazy Squares 07 by Akizo Designs Kit : Home For The Holidays by Cornelia Designs Photos : catwhiskers

Merry Christmas Template : Titled 10 by Akizo Designs Kit : Winter Sparkle, Absolute Insanity by Created by Jill Photos : AdinaVoicu

Just Be Brave*** Template : Paper Play22 by Akizo Designs Kit : Brave by GingerBread Ladies Photo : rujhan_basir

Life is Beautiful*** Template : Stitched Up 06 by Akizo Designs, Kit : Collab Everyday Happiness by GingerBread Ladies, Photos : nhattienle94

Credits Template : Photo Addict 09 by Akizo Designs Kit : -November 2014 DigiScrap Parade- The Scary Stuff by Digital Scrapbook Ingredients,Snips and Snails Designs,Dido Designs Photos : dennisflarsen,Mysticsartdesign,PublicDomainPictures, Fotomek,AdinaVoicu,LisaRedfern,tookapic

Fright Night Template : Recycle 06 by Akizo Designs, Kit : Spooksville Collab by Seatrout Scraps and Craft-tastrophic, Photos : Luis Marina

Time Flies*** Template : Photo Addict 08 by Akizo Designs Kit : Make It Count Collection by Akizo Designs

Fun Fun Fun Kit : Tennis Addict Collection by Akizo Designs Template : Chellenge Template by Tiramisu Design

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