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House LG10182 / Brugnoli Asociados Arquitectos

Exploded Axonometric


クールなアートは建物になってもやっぱりクールなんだな | roomie(ルーミー)

5 Projects: Interview 5 - Alexander Maymind | Features | Archinect

Gallery of Subtracted House / Seinfeld Arquitectos - 21

家のとなりのサインフェルド,建築家ダイア​​グラム,アーキテクチャスキーム,Sustraída Seinfeld,Atchitectural Diagram,House Diagram,Subtracted House,Architecure Diagrams,Diagrammatic Model

Gallery of Kaminoge House / Naoya Kawabe Architect & Associates - 15

Nota JR: módulos articulados geram espaços residuais que podem servir como espaços abertos das unidades de habitação .

aldo van eyck sonsbeek pavilion - Recherche Google

ヤマのスケッチパース №027の画像:ヤマ先生の手描きパース道場

Bromelia House / Urban Recycle Architecture Studio

建築スキーム,アーキテクチャ,学校,都市計画,考え,検索Arquitectonicos,試す,Architectural Diagrams Concept,Concept Diagrams Architecture

Gallery of Willow Theater / Tim Lai Architect + Brad Steinmetz Stage Design - 16

architecture exploded diagram _ Willow Theater / Tim Lai Architect + Brad Steinmetz Stage Design

Kew House | Piercy & Co | Kew House was an experimental build, driven by the architect’s and client’s shared interest in a ‘kit-of-parts’ approach and the self-build possibilities emerging from digital fabrication.