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#Scented #Tea #花茶

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The phrase "#herbal #tea" usually refers to infusions of #fruit or herbs made without the tea plant, such as rosehip tea, chamomile tea, or rooibos tea. Alternative phrases for this are tisane or herbal infusion, both bearing an implied contrast with "tea" as it is construed here.

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#花茶,利用 #茶 善於吸收異味的特點,將有香味的 #鮮花 和新茶一起悶,茶將香味吸收後再把乾花篩除,製成的花茶香味濃郁,茶湯色深,深得偏好重口味的北方人喜愛,最普通的花茶是用茉莉花制的茉莉花茶,根據所用的鮮花不同,還有玉蘭花茶、桂花茶、珠蘭花茶、玳玳花茶等。普通花茶都是用綠茶製作,也有用紅茶和白茶製作的。

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Scented #Tea (Flowering tea or blooming tea or #花茶) is generally served in containers made of glass, or other transparent material, so that the flowering effect can be seen. The bundles can usually be reused two or three times without the tea becoming bitter.

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Scented Tea (花茶) consist each of a bundle of dried #tea #leaves wrapped around one or more dried #flowers. These are made by binding tea leaves and flowers together into a #bulb and are then set to dry. When #steeped, the bundle expands and unfurls in a process that emulates a #blooming #flower, while the flowers inside emerge as the #centrepiece. Typically they are sourced from the Yunnan province of #China.

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Like beverages made from the #tea bush (Camellia sinensis), #tisanes can be served hot or cold. Tisanes have been used for nearly as long as written history extends. Documents have been recovered dating back to Ancient Egypt and Ancient #China that discuss the enjoyment and uses of tisanes.

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#Tisane, or herbal #tea, is any non-caffeinated beverage made from the infusion or decoction of herbs, spices, or other plant material in hot water.These drinks are distinguished from caffeinated beverages like coffee, maté, kuding, and the true teas (black, green, white, yellow, oolong, etc.), as well as from decaffeinated tea, in which the caffeine has been removed. In addition to serving as a #beverage, many tisanes are also consumed for their perceived medicinal benefits.

#茉莉花茶 是 #白茶 的一種,又稱為 #茉莉香片 。製作材料為茶葉以及茉莉花,因此能兼有二者的香味。

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