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第31回受賞作品(2014年度) : クリエイターの部 : 読売広告大賞 : 広告賞のご案内 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)

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Brazil 1970 期待今年的世足賽

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【魂昂ぶる】日本人なら巨大フィギュアといえば「ねぶたの山車燈籠」だろが!!! 30選

ねぶたの山車燈籠 | "Aomori Nebuta," which was exhibited at the British museum in 2001, is a significant, intangible folk cultural asset of Japan.


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That's right.

"Time limit"


These beer advertisement uses minituization to demonstrate dominance. The little guy fishing stands out because of contrast and isoluation but also because of his proportion to the beer.