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Genko-an Temple (Kyoto,JAPAN) Summer/Fall/Winter


Shisendo, Kyoto (京都市), Japan (日本)


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Chion-in Temple (知恩院)

Chion-in, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Japan is the headquarters of the Jōdo-shū (Pure Land Sect) founded by Hōnen (1133–1212), who proclaimed that sentient beings are reborn in Amida Buddha's Western Paradise (Pure Land) by reciting the nembutsu, Amida Buddha's name. The vast compounds of Chion-in include the site where Hōnen settled to disseminate his teachings and the site where he died.

Kyoto, Japan

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Philosopher's Path (哲学の道)

Kyoto, Japan 【哲学の路 桜】 "Tetusugaku-no-Michi"

Myoshin-ji temple, Daishin-in, Kyoto, Japan 妙心寺 大心院. I would love to have a room in my home like this

Chion-in Temple (知恩院)

知恩院 京都