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Reproduction armor of daimyo Takeda Shingen

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takeda shingen

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Ancient Japanese warrior armor.

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Samurai Armor - Tokugawa Ieyasu (1542 - 1616) was the last feudal warlord, he began the peace for Japan for 260 years. Known as a intellectual samurai with persistent ploy.

Japanese Armor

Armor (Gusoku) Inscribed by Yukinoshita Sadaiyé (Japanese, active 17th century) Date: 17th century Culture: Japanese Medium: Iron, lacquer, silk, gilt copper


Pure gold armor Tokugawa Ieyasu....This armor is something that was faithfully restored the armor of gold foil that had been stored in the Edo actually as defensive armor of Tokugawa Ieyasu. Is the armor that was worn when Tokugawa Ieyasu built the military exploits by putting tactics to Takashiro large, I am often as armor protection auspicious very decorated praying prosperity safety and wife.