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beautiful style to wrap a traditional Japanese summer gift 'Ochūgen': designed by Jurgen Lehl


Japanese food packaging by Akaoni

The Japanese have a way of packaging that makes anything look cool. (Japanese food packaging by Akaoni)


Thread Lid CUBE/ANTIPRISM - Thread Lid - CUBE/ANTIPRISM - Thread Lid is a box, which has a lid like a screw thread. By folding a single piece of paper, you create a spiral shaped lid that you can attach to other pieces. The flexibility and frication of the paper and strength of the structure of the folded paper creates a flexible screw-like lid that is easy to put on, but won't fall off.


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Concept Packaging: Earl / Grey - The Dieline: The World's #1 Package Design Website -

Paper bags


Furoshiki 風呂敷 [Not exactly a "handbag" but . . . Japanese fold material for carrying things]

This crafted piece of packaging was created with tabs to wrap the product around the sandwich box? However, it follows my current design of using tabs to safely secure the product, this design also has a flicked overlap on the top, this completes the simple design.

Pleats Please packaging by issey miyake