Mach Dich Bunt

Pie face is crap.. Harry's de wheels on the other hand! Get it in Sydney :)

This poster illustrates how hierarchy plays a vital role in conveying a message to the audience. The title of the event is obviously the dominant element and then the information about the event becomes secondary by changing the typeface as well as the size. the logos of sponsors become the 3rd element that you notice by making them a lot smaller than the type.

「かわいいドーナツ屋さん」 | 資生堂×毎日新聞社 | ふくしまの希望ふくらむ ふくしまの小学生から寄せられた、“未来の自分”の絵を資生堂のクリエイターたちが楽しいポスターに!

Fashionable Selby | Simon Doonan, Todd Selby

ORIGIN’S 2011年プロモーション|WORKS|鞍知 on 鞍知


Amazing drawing project

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