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Japanese kimono little girl. #japan #kimono


日本人のごはん/お弁当 Japanese meals/Bento 小鉢をたくさん使えば、ワンプレートでもおかずの数を増やせます。 朝食とは思えない豪華な和食は、ちょっと早起きして食べたいですね。

Collection-4 | ふりふ

little cute kimono girl for 七五三(753: Japanese celebration)

Japanese girl in kimono. I adore kimono, as each one is unique (or supposed to be) and each tells a story or has a lot of symbolism in the artwork of the kimono, but the obi is even more important from my understanding.

kimono and kanzashi

3-19 青紫奴(あおむらさきやっこ)

7-30 花

It is a kimono for the celebration of the 7-year-old.