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Yoko Ono, Half-A-Room, 1967

pin 1 Frank Hempel is on the shores of Loch Broom againMore thinking about Loch Broom and the Soviet era Klondyker ships the used to anchor off Ullapool.Frank Kempel was from what was then East Germany and worked for many years on the factory ships processing mackerel. He was invited to return years later by Ullapool Museum staff to record his memories: A working sketch of Stac Biorach. Stac Biorach is a sea stack situated between Hirta and Soay in the St Kilda archipelago of Scotland. the seal-wife, a traditional story from north uist spot illustration big sur sketch for a spot illustration based on a visit to Japan

http://lostcontrolcollective.tumblr.comUllapool and the Klondykers sketch for pluszero opencall based on a football match that took place in 1984 between the villagers of Ullapool and… A story that isn’t really about David Byrne at all The cover to my mini-zine that isn’t about David Byrne Duglas and his sister would stare down from their bedroom, he felt secure in his home A few left over from sketchbook pages from my Duglas Stewart picture illustration Coyote Person He got left behind amongst the layers of a finished project and I felt kind of sorry for him.