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Apolline à Paris | Kireei, cosas bellas

romantic vignette

Turning a dream or idea into something tangible in the real world is done by completing these three simple steps over and over. UNDERSTAND that it’s EXACTLY these three steps repeated countless times: 1. Clarify - Get Clear on what your after; 2. Unify - Get rid of all other options; and 3. Amplify - Do anything you can think of to make it more solid and real. More

Photo wall corner. Cute for the office.

old suitcase DIY idea unique cabinet, home decor, makeup storage! This is AWESOME consider this DONE! Traveling Beauty Cabinet :D and I already have the pull out mirror from @IKEA

‘Pink’ in a good way – Laurence Amelie

‘Pink’ in a good way – Laurence Amelie - deVOL Kitchens | Blog

Gijo ( Gijo ) , it courtesan or geisha in China [1 ] . A prostitute , also calling it娼女[2 ] . Song and dance , and to please the people in a number of accomplishments , there was also sometimes mediate the entertainment banquet . It may also refer to the prostitute .

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12 Shapes of Paper by Estonian Academy of Arts students


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