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Dramas for everyone to enjoy & recommendations~ #selfbios

No dropping out: back to school at 35: is a Japanese drama starring Ryoko Yonekura as Ayako Baba, a 35 year old woman who goes back to high school at 35 to finish her senior year. She tries to solve high school problems like bullying, etc. There's more than meets the eye on this drama. So far one of my top 5. (Available on Crunchyroll)

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Boys over flowers: a lots. Drama by Yoon Ji-ryun. A girl named Geum Jan-do received a scholarship to a school by accident. A group of 4 Rich, handsome, and arrogant boys called F4 are the kings of the schools that not even the teachers dare to challenge them. Only Jan-di and her open mind fights against F4 and their rudeness. (Available on Viki & Netflix)

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Switch girl: a not so normal girl who has an on and off switch in her. She's on her on mode outside of her house, she has the best make up and best fashion, she's even a model. But during her off mode, she's a gross, weird tomboy who eats chicken wings all day. She then falls in love with a new exchange student and tries hard to make him like her. They confront different obstacles of people who want to break them up. (Available on Crunchyroll)

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Playful kiss: Based on the Japanese manga Itazura no kiss. A clumsy high school girl named Oh Ha-ni, who is at the lowest class in her school, has a crush on one of the popular and genius guys in her class (Baek Seung-jo) She tried to confess her love to him through a letter but sadly he rejects her. Fate goes the other direction and they end up on the same roof! Watch to find out! (Available on Viki & DramaFever)

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Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo: A Japanese drama about a poor girl named Kotoko Aihara who lives with her father. When her chance comes to move from an apartment to a house, a meteor destroys their home. She then moves into the house of an old friend of his father, then realized her crush is the son of his fathers friend! -Naoki Irie. (Available on Crunchyroll)

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My girlfriend is a gumiho: a spoiled child named Dae-woong runs away from his home because he thinks his grandfather is overprotective. He enters a shrine where a legendary 9 tailed fox is sealed away. Dae-woong breaks the seal and as a punishment, he must take care of the 9 tailed fox. Some of you may know the legend I the 9 tailed fox so you know what this drama is about. They have insane adventures and sad moments (Available on Netflix)

The 1st shop of Coffee Prince: a careless boy named Choi Han-kyul has never had a job. He falls in love with Yoo-Joo whom she was never interested in dating. In the other hand, a tomboy who's mistaken as a boy named Go Eun-chan, falls in love with Choi because of his kindness. Han-kyul takes over an old coffee shop later renamed "Coffee Prince". To prove that he's capable of holding this responsibility. (Available on Viki, DramaFever, and Crunchyroll)

Pair of love: a taiwanese film for you Yaoi & Yuri fans out there. Its not much of the yaoi nor Yuri you see in anime. Its just a regular sad film (┳Д┳) one of my favorite though. I cried for 3 days last year when i saw this film. (Available on Youtube)

Tank top fighter- starring Erena ono.

Nobunaga Concerto: a boy named Saburo, played by Shin Oguri. Saburo is a high school student thats good in sports but not in his studies. Saburo falls off a cliff and travels back to time in the year 1549 during the Sengoku period in ancient Japan. Saburo then meets Nobunaga Oda, prince of a warlord. They both look and sound exactly alike, so they agreed to switch lives. Saburo, now known as Nobunaga Oda, has to unify ancient Japan before its too late. Based on the manga series "Nobunaga…