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Katsura Imperial Villa Kobori Enshu, at Kyoto, Japan, 1620 (circa)

Walkway steps design at the Katsura Imperial Villa. Photograph by Urszula Kijek, 2010.

Ishimoto Yasuhiro : ‘Katsura Imperial Villa’ (Photography)

Ishimoto Yasuhiro, Katsura Imperial Villa

Detail photograph of the Katsura Imperial Villa taken by Urszula Kijek.

Katsura Imperial Villa: model of the New Shoin viewed from the North by Timothy Ciccone. Each tatami mat measures 1 x 2 meters, considered to be the right dimensions for a human being.

Katsura Imperial Villa, New Palace (桂離宮新御殿) in Kyoto. Contrast of the white of shoji screens and plaster with the grid of woods.