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X-ray of seahorses from 1910. (Photo: Edward Charles Le Grice/Getty Images)

skeleton of a Seahorse



Dyed Specimen by Iori Tomita. The artist uses an enzyme to dissolve the protein and turn it transparent, and then selectively injects dyes into different tissues.

Optic Exploration: Poppy and Columbine (Papaver and Aquilegia),Judith K. McMillan, 1998

斑陀螺的相册-猫君 in Tumblr

An idea, there artificial wombs, sperm, and eggs that have been created successfully in laboratories. My wife thinks that she doesn't want to have a child because of all the issues that come along with it. I always tell her that I would carry her babies for her, like the male seahorse does. So I was thinking of getting a tattoo like this if we decide to have a kid at some point.

Natural form