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Planispheric astrolabe, 1572. Italy.

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Altitude & Azimuth Instrument - Troughton & Simms, London, 18 Inch, circa 1836. Used for the geodetic survey of Victoria [1858-71] and during observation of the transit of Venus by EJ White in 1874.

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One Muslim with the name of Al-Khwarizmi was one of the founders of Algebra and Trigonometry. He wrote about detailed solutions to linear and quadratic equations as well as contributing trigonometric tables involving sine and tangent. Today we take both of these classes to help calculate the value of variables which is used in the engineering field and the use of angles in everyday life such as when you throw a ball. -Rtrevillian


Spherical Astrolabe - Museum of the History of Science (circa.1480-1481) This Astrolabe is made of brass with the inscriptions, hour lines, meridians and circles of altitude in silver; the rotating star map is made of brass, laminated with silver on the ecliptic and equatorial circles.


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