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Wasps in a Golden Dream Hum a Strange Music: cover design by David Gee

VICKY-This is an effective book cover design. For the composition, there are only two different pictures adopted on the cover including a picture of a woman’s head and a picture of a man’s head. The principle of ‘emphasis’ and the use of contrasting colour in the composition can make the cover look more attractive. The Law of figure and ground is used in the design as we can see the picture of the man’s head is the ‘figure’ while the picture of the woman’s head is the ‘ground’.


おすすめのデザイン本「缶詰ラベルコレクション MADE IN JAPAN」: DesignWorks Archive

”缶詰ラベルコレクション MADE IN JAPAN”―11月下旬発売予定 | 青幻舎 SEIGENSHA Art Publishing, Inc.

Riverhead, 2014. oliver munday design book

Wet Apples, White Blood: cover design by David Drummond