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Vivien Leigh.

Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara running in the streets of Atlanta looking for Dr. Meade in 'Gone With The Wind'

fyeahscarlettohara: You’re mighty pretty, precious.

Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara Hamilton & Clark Gable as Rhett Butler in 'Gone With The Wind'. Rhett speaks to Scarlett at the hospital benefit.

Scarlett checks her appearance in the mirror. "Oh, Mammy, I'm so thin and pale and...I haven't any clothes. Scoot up to the attic and get down Ma's old box of dress patterns. What you up to with Miss Ellen's portiere (draperies)? You'll make me a new dress. Not with Miss Ellen's portieres. Not while I got a breath in me. Great balls of fire! They're my portiere's now. I'm going to Atlanta for that $ 300 and I've got to go looking like a queen."

Vivien Leigh, Leslie Howard and Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind directed by Victor Fleming , 1939

Ashley: "No. I don't love you." Scarlett: "Its a lie!" "Even if it is, do you think I would leave Melanie and the baby, and break Melanie's heart?"

viviensleigh:Vivien Leigh in That Hamilton Woman, 1941

Vivien Leigh is shown in George Cukor's pool in Hollywood, taken during the Duel of Angels tour, 1960

Vivien takes a break on the Gone with the wind set 1939

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