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In this project, students are asked to take a famous piece of art and increases its size by a scale factor of at least three. The extra challenge is that each piece of art is divided into 2-4 pieces and each student only gets a portion of the original. The more accurate their measurements, the better it will match up with the pieces their teammates are creating.

Selfie cartoon style art project

Repetition w/Variation Series of 12 small drawings of an obj. Doesn't req thumbnails.   Investigate the obj from diff sides, angles & distances. Make a grid w/12 squares. Consider diff options for establishing a grid. No more than 5% of the piece should be white. Save the white for the brightest highlights. Push your darkest-darks so your obj & lights pop out. Vary line weight. Don't flatten your piece by enclosing the obj in a heavy outline. Consider the balance of the piece as a…

High School Art Project: If Picasso Drew A Superhero. Talk about abstraction, creativity, color, representational vs realism, and portraits.

Typographic Illustration- Cut text portrait collage

Value scale and sphere worksheet; 7th grade Art #blending #value #shading

mixed media grid drawing