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Today is International Day of Happiness, which as @Becky Nielson Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon notes has "different meanings for different people. But we can all agree that it means working to end conflict, poverty and other unfortunate conditions in which so many of our fellow human beings live." These young students at Sopudep in Haiti -- who will have brighter futures because of their schooling -- make us happy. What makes you happy?

Look at you go, girl!!

空を飛ばせてくれたお父さんの足へ。 父の日に靴下を贈ろう。 〈制作意図〉 小さい頃、誰もが両親に履かせてもらった靴下。 「大好きだったお父さん」との思い出。…


Six-year-old Mehran is not your typical Afghan girl — she flies kites, climbs trees and freely speaks her mind. She is a bacha posh: girls who live as boys to escape patriarchal domination in Afghanistan. Little is known about the psycho-sexual impact that living as a boy has on these girls. Most parents try to make their children switch back before the onset of puberty, but for those who resist, there is an uncertain future.