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Dogfaced Pufferfish (Erwin Kodiat)

The Desert Rain Frog Makes The Cutest Sound When Angry (Video)

Amazing Color The Mandarin Fish ~ Exotic Freshwater and Saltwater Fishes

Beautiful Fish...


Albino Animals

vulture no pigmentation

I love sea turtles! They are so adorable!

My Lawnmower blenny was my favorite. His name was Oscar and he had so much personality!

picturesque dragonet / spotted (psychedelic or target) mandarin / synchiropus picturatus

Blue parrots | Blue Parrot Fish. This is the brightest colored fish in the world!! He's not photoshoped!!

One of our favorite photos. Do you hand feed your fish? #marinedepot #happyreefkeeping #fish #fishfood #clownfish #reeflife