This is FROSTING!!! WHAT?!?!? The site sells the dry frosting mix that you add to boiling water and mix into... MAGIC!!! They also sell the molds to make the lace awesomeness. This is the. coolest. thing. since..... anything!!!

Too pretty to eat!

Kitty cookies!

Airbrushing lace on cookies SweetSugarBelle 3

candy canes

Another way to do two toned cupcakes. After trying all three ways I found this way to be my favorite. It was easy and it turned out the nicest.

Pattiserie KUROKAWA -brooklyn nyc-

Cake lace is a versatile cake decorating medium. Learn how to use it with silicone mats, molds, and impression mats to enhance your next cake design.


making sugar lace

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