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Mycenaean Gold Necklace, 16th Century BCWith antithetic Eagles, from Grave Circle A, a royal cemetery situated to the south of the Lion Gate, the main entrance of the Bronze Age citadel of Mycenae, southern Greece.

gold lion bead.jpg from Minoan necklace

Necklace, Italy, 550-400 BC, gold and amber

Byzantine Cross. 7th century - early 6th century AD

Faience and Gold Necklace. Egypt, Late Period-Ptolemaic Period, 711-30 B.C. Jewelry and Adornments Blue, green, yellow, and tan faience, mother of pearl, and gold

ALBION ART Historical Jewelry - Ancient Gold, Amethyst Ring, circa 1100, Private Collection.

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Gold ring, Late Roman, 4th century A.D., hoop perhaps later.

Greek snake style bracelet, ca 200 B.C.