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saung gauk (Burma,Myanmar)

ILLIMBA The ilimba is a lamellophone from Tanzania. It is a traditional instrument of the Gogo ethnic group and its most famous player in the 20th century was Hukwe Zawose, who developed a version of the instrument with between 66 and 72 metal keys.[1] The instrument is similar to the Zimbabwean mbira but larger, and is tuned to intervals derived from the overtone series.

Pa laung village, Kentung, Myanmar

erhu / bowed string instrument (China / Asia)

HASAPI The hasapi is a two stringed musical instrument of Indonesia, particularly played by the Batak people. I say that because although the instrument is played by others, it is not called a "hasapi" by them. This instrument is described as a pentatonic two-stringed lute, often referred to as a Kucapi (Pak-Pak/Dairi), or husapi (Simalungun), Kacapi (2 stringed mandolin, with no frets... and some have as many as 18 strings). Variations on a theme may be the best descriptor, since the…

Oud player / Arabian musical instruments

10 Things You Shouldn't Miss in Myanmar

Witnessing the alms giving ceremony and ritual in Myanmar is a wonderful way to start your day. First thing in the morning, you will see monks and nuns begging for alms throughout the streets and villages. Click photo through to post for travel guide.

Biwa (Gakubiwa) / The biwa came to Japan in the 7th century and it was evolved from the Chinese instrument pipa. This type of biwa is called the gaku-biwa and was used in Japanese gagaku-ensembles.

Bagan , Myanmar.

rudra veena player