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Meet the Samurai Women of Asian History

The Most Famous Female Samurai: Tomoe Gozen - Tomoe Gozen, c. 1157–1247, a Genpei War-era samurai, leaning on her naginata (pole weapon). Library of Congress Prints Collection

Gorgeous. And whoever captioned this before wrote "Samurai taking a little drinkie pooh" -- they shouldn't be allowed to Pin.

Tomoe Gozen, a late twelfth-century female samurai warrior known for her bravery and strength.

Tomoe Gozen circa 1180 Tomoe Gozen is known to be one of the most famous female samurai warrior in Japanese history. She was known as a skillful warrior who goes into battles like a man. She was one of Minamoto Yoshinaka’s senior captains and in secret she may have also been his wife. She was one of his top commanders and led men into battle. Tomoe’s physical features were described a beautiful woman with smooth white skin, long hair, and other attractive features.

SHIMOOKA Renjo, 1863-1876. 下岡蓮杖(しもおかれんじょう)(1823-1914)

female samurai fighting barefoot

Sakamoto Ryoma, Samurai, a leader to overthrow Tokugawa shogunate, thus a preparer of Meiji Restoration