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Meet the Samurai Women of Asian History

The Most Famous Female Samurai: Tomoe Gozen - Tomoe Gozen, c. 1157–1247, a Genpei War-era samurai, leaning on her naginata (pole weapon). Library of Congress Prints Collection

Gorgeous. And whoever captioned this before wrote "Samurai taking a little drinkie pooh" -- they shouldn't be allowed to Pin.

Tomoe Gozen

Matsuko (Daughter of Tamaru Inenoemon) from the series Eastern pictures of heroic women compared / Yoshitoshi 吾嬬繪姿烈女競 田丸稲之右衛門の女 松子 月岡芳年 1880...

Tomoe Gozen is the most famous of samurai women of all history. Red laced suit of armour & carrying a naginata (traditional weapon for female warriors)

Tomoe Gozen, a late twelfth-century female samurai warrior known for her bravery and strength.

Sakamoto Ryoma, Samurai, a leader to overthrow Tokugawa shogunate, thus a preparer of Meiji Restoration

Lady Tomoe Gozen - the most famous of samurai women