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In front: Flakpanzer IV (3,7 cm FlaK 43) « Ostwind » behind: Flakpanzer IV (4x2cm FlaK 38) « Wirbelwind »

Type 4 Chi-To tank. The most technically advanced Japanese tank to make production during the war, the Chi-To was supposed to be equivalent to a German Panther. It's long barreled 75 mm main gun was far superior to other Japanese tanks. Due to material shortages, only two were produced before the end of the war, and neither saw combat. The two examples were sunk in Lake Hamara to prevent capture, and attempts to recover one have so far been unsuccessful.


German Armor or Soviet Armor (Grabs Popcorn)

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38t with 75mm gun?

A British tank (No. 790) ditched in a captured German gun pit. British cavalry can be seen massed in the background.

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Traffic on the Amiens-Roye Road - German prisoners carry Canadian wounded to the rear, passing a tank on the Amiens-Roye road during the Battle of Amiens. The Allies used 420 tanks during the surprise attack on 8 August 1918, but the majority had been knocked out or broke down by the end of the battle.


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