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[The Mouse was designed to ford up to 45 feet of water....]

This German drawing shows a sectionalized elevation of Maus. The following features may be diingtinguished: driver's seat (20) and periscope (14 and 18); radio operator's seat (12) and radio (21); radio antenna (28); air intakes for main engine (30); main engine (3); generator (4); the right motor of the two electric motors driving the sprockets (9); auxiliary fuel tank (29). The coaxial 75-mm gun is on the right of the turret; its position relative to the 128-mm gun is shown in dotted…


Panzerkampfwagen E-100 / Gerät 383 (Prototyp) - German superheavy tank prototype


Soviet soldiers inspect undermined German experimental super heavy tank "mouse" Porsche Type 205/2 at the landfill in Kummersdorf. Later, Soviet specialists have found the tower of this tank on the tank "Maus" 205/1 Type and Porsche delivered this car in the USSR. At present this machine is in the Museum of armored forces in Kubinka. 1945.



'Subscribe! And we will be victorious. National Loan 1918.' French War Bonds.


heavy tank Panzerkampfwagen VIII “Maus”