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Orgonite Crystal Peaked Pyramid with Amethyst, Rhodizite, Blue Lace Agate & Selenite, Orgone Positive Energy Generator with Orb

Orgonite Crystal Peaked Pyramid with Amethyst by BittleBoxArt

Orgonite® Orgone Pyramid - Crown Chakra - Violet Flame - Amethyst, Stitchtite, Lepidolite, shungite, selenite, Nuummite

Orgone Energy Pyramid Crown Chakra Amethyst by 432oneness

Crystals for Guidiance

いつでも投稿、自由にカスタマイズ、お気に入りのブログを見つけてフォローしよう。 自分だけのTumblrブログを今すぐ作ろう!

Orgonite Style Crystal Peaked Pyramid with Amethyst, Selenite, Rhodizite & Copper Nuggets. Orgone Positive Energy Generator

Orgonite Pyramid

この世のものとは信じがたい「魔法の世界の空」を宝石に閉じ込めたオパール 3種

Galaxy opal

Crystal sphere filled with Super Bright Rainbow Iris, Very beautiful and hard to find

Crystal sphere with Rainbow. This is a very rare crystal with rainbow colours inside. I love how the sphere has a smooth texture, then you look inside and the rainbow colours seem to stand out.

Himalayan Pink Crystal Cluster


作品の追加♪ の画像|オルゴナイト ドロップ