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Just thinking of things lost sometimes wondering if they ever were really there ... memories of moments

Kiss From A Lamb, Ist January, 1939. A young evacuee from London receives a New Year's kiss from the first lamb of the year, on the Sussex farm where she now stays. Photo by Reg Speller. °


When we touch another person we exchange energy. There is no way to avoid the fact that a kind of energetic communion takes place, even in such seemingly innocuous acts as shaking hands or touching another on the shoulder. Touch itself, communicates a great deal energetically, and actually influences our own energy field. This is something we all know intuitively --William Collinge, Ph.D (

i will make sure that everyone everywhere will be able to see the inner and outer beauty of a person at one time.

GoShiggyGo: Boudoir photo shoot with Jackie B. Photographer ©Shiggy Ichinomiya GoShiggyGo.Com