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Aidan Turner as Kili wearing hair clips and squishing his face. It does not get more adorable than this. (gif)

Totally what I would do if I saw Kili, or Thorin, Thranduil, or Legolas. is that a "stunt-Kili" or actually Aidan Turner catching a "scale-Bilbo"?

Boromir, Faramir, Pippin - Oh my gosh, whoever is making these is REALLY talented!!!! These are awesome!!!!

I would die!!!! Like I would literally probably have a panic attack! Best day ever!!!

gif of " Bad the Rebelman" behind the scenes of the Hobbit. Bard the Bowman played by Luke Evans

Aidan Turner in barrettes...adorable.

Modern!AU Kili: scene from a favorite Fili/Kili fic “Party Tricks”. The whole read is lovely.

Audition as Fili April 27, 2011 "I did the audition with Aidan. And the great thing with Aidan is that he and I.. As soon as we met we got along. Which I knew was gonna be important for the characters but it was nice to know that I didn’t have to fake it. And I think he probably felt the same way. He better." - Dean O’gorman