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Africa | Helmet mask from the Kuba-Kete people of DR Congo | Wood, kaolin

Africa | Yanda figure from the Zande people of DR Congo | ca. 1970

Africa | 'Ram' mask from the Igbo people of Nigeria | Wood, pigment, textile

Native - A Kuba helmet mask

Africa | Helmet Mask (Nyachi) from the Kuba people (Kete group) from the Sankuru River region of the DR Congo | Wood, pigment, copper alloy | ca. 19th - 20th century

Africa | Cup from the Kuba people of DR Congo | Wood | ca. 1875 - 1925.

Khonsu's funerary mask, New Kingdom, reign of Ramesses II, ca. 1279–1213 B.C. Egyptian; From the tomb of Sennedjem, Deir el-Medina, western Thebes Painted wood and cartonnage

DR of Congo. Lega Mask ●彡

Africa | Mask from Ibibio people of Eastern Nigeria | Wood, pigment and natural fiber