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"SS-Sturmbannführer", Walter Bestmann, in his Horch 901 (Kfz.15). Russia, 1941.

Panzergrenadiers of the 2nd SS Panzer Division 'Das Reich' advance during the Battle of Kursk, 1943.

SS troops filing out on their way to captivity after being surrounded and forced to surrender in Milan.30 April 1945.

SEP 7 1943 A narrow escape on the Eastern Front A column of German vehicles on the move in Russia in the late summer 1943.

21 April '41: Rommel awarded with the Italian Medal for bravery in silver. Few Panzer III Tropen in the foreground. Rommel's leadership of German and Italian forces in the North African campaign established him as one of the most able commanders of the war, and earned him the appellation of the Desert Fox. He is regarded as one of the most skilled commanders of desert warfare in the conflict.

Infantrymen of the 4th Infantry Division move through the debris littered city of Prum, Germany.

The eyes of war, World War I.

German soldiers with flame-thrower. Italy, April 1944 unknown location,