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アドルフ·ヒトラー,総統,Philanthropist Entertainer,Researcher Philanthropist,Artist Researcher,Eva Hitler,Entertainer Chivalrous,Enigmatic Wanderer,The Fuhrer

Your enigmatic wanderer through time !!! Artist, researcher, philanthropist, entertainer, chivalrous...

Adolf next to him Eva Braun(?)

General (later Field Marshal) Wilhelm Keitel (hanged 16th October 1946 for war crimes) with Hitler in 1940.

The TIME Vault: 1955

Reich Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels speaking at the Lustgarten in Berlin, 1938.

Hitler and Lida Baarova in 1937. She was Goebbels lover for almost two years and all that caused Hitler much consternation since she was Czech (thus an Untermensch in his eyes). Hitler told Leni Riefenstahl in 1937 that he could never have sex with a woman who was not German. (via putschgirl)

アドルフ·ヒトラー,国家社会主義,第二次世界大戦,悪い,Hitler Heil,His People

Bueckeberg 1937 It looks like Joe said something pithy that caught the monocled guy’s attention but left Hitler nonplussed. Hitler looks hot here - body temperature hot that is.

Table talk