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Frits Clausen (November 12, 1893 – December 5, 1947) , the leader of Denmark's own Nazi party. It was called the 'Danmarks Nationalsocialistiske Arbejderparti'.

SS-Obergruppenführer Gottlob Berger indviede en mindehøj for faldne danske østfrontfrivillige på Schalburgskolen på Høveltegård 2-6-44, SS members at Høveltegård. Fra venstre mod højre: 1: Werner Best - 2: Gottlob Berger - 3: K. B. Martinsen - 4: Ukendt - 5: Bruno Boysen - 6: Erich Spaarmann - 7: Werner Blessau - See more at:

Russian Fascists in the northeast Chinese city of Harbin, 1934. China had a sizable Russian emigre community.

People celebrating the liberation of Denmark. 5th May 1945. | by National Museum…

2/8/42 Architect Albert Speer soon succeeds Fritz Todt as Hitler's WW2 Armaments Minister.

Hans kammler, the Waffen-SS officer who supervised the third reich’s shadowy military equipment experiments. Hans was in charge of several projects. The V series weapons ranks as one of the most important. He is known for constructing “the bell.“

German Wehrmacht... Standing guard in The Netherlands.

King Christian X of Denmark during WW2

Saboteur Max Manus given the honor of escorting and protecting King Olav V Of Norway after the second world war ended.

Preparing the defence of Berlin with one of the many panzers immobilized due to lack of fuel.