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National Socialist Movement Ideology: Neo-Nazi An organization that specializes in theatrical and provocative protests, the National Socialist Movement (NSM) is one of the largest and most prominent neo-Nazi groups in the United States.

Judy Chu Exposed, Part 3: Judy Chu and Communist Worker Jose Zapata . Judy Chu, Congressional Representative of California’s 32nd District, is a long term affiliate of the now defunct Communist Workers Party and its still existing activist networks.

Barack Obama’s National Security State is Now Beyond Democratic Control

This segment explores two important questions. Who are the Progressives? What do they believe? Presented are facts from the book LIBERAL FACISM by Jonah Goldberg, The title of his book is from a quote of the impeccable progressive, H.G. Wells, who, in 1932, told the Young Liberals that they must become "liberal fascists" and "enlightened Nazis." The German word Nazi translates in English to National Socialist German Workers' Party.

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Leftists become incandescent when reminded of the socialist roots of Nazism – Telegraph Blogs

Poster: "Against Corruption / Vote for National Socialists / Hitler Movement!" The Nazi Party denounced the Weimar government for its corrupt use of state power to enrich its leaders while robbing the German people. Nazi propagandists portrayed their party as guardians of the people, represented here by an industrial and an agricultural worker. By Hanpert (artist); undated Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C.

The Arrow Cross Party (Hungarian: Nyilaskeresztes Párt – Hungarista Mozgalom, literally "Arrow Cross Party-Hungarist Movement") was a national socialist party led by Ferenc Szálasi, which led in Hungary a government known as the Government of National Unity from 15 October 1944 to 28 March 1945. During its short rule, ten to fifteen thousand people (many of whom were Jews) were murdered outright,[2] and 80,000 people were deported from Hungary to their deaths in the Auschwitz concentration…

Anton Adriaan Mussert (11 May 1894, – 7 May 1946) was one of the founders of the National Socialist Movement in the Netherlands (NSB) and its formal leader. As such, he was the most prominent national socialist in the Netherlands before and during WW2. During the war, he was able to keep this position, due to the support he received from the Germans. After the war, he was convicted and executed for high treason.

The White House’s Nazis: From Hitler’s Germany in the 1930′s to Kiev Today, the US’ Disturbing Partnerships with Nazis (2014 May 14)