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Internal Stargate | Quantum Images & Diagrams

octahedron and platonic solids

‘Perspectiva Corporum Regularium‘ [1568] –featuring engravings by Jost Amman after designs and drawings by Wenzel Jamnitzer: Perspective of the Regular Solids: that is, a diligent exposition of how the five regular solids of which Plato writes in the Timaeus and Euclid in his Elements are artfully brought into perspective using a particularly new, thorough and proper method never before employed.

Mayan Interdimensional Star Map

高杉晋作の肖像写真 (東京都港区立港郷土資料館蔵)

Caduceus Phiral Phi

Mayan Interdimensional Star Map

Rainbow Bridge Calendar 2014 11x17 Astrology by yestermorrowshop, $15.00

When we touch another person we exchange energy. There is no way to avoid the fact that a kind of energetic communion takes place, even in such seemingly innocuous acts as shaking hands or touching another on the shoulder. Touch itself, communicates a great deal energetically, and actually influences our own energy field. This is something we all know intuitively --William Collinge, Ph.D (

Orgone Pendant-Intuition-Psychic Protection-Universal Love-Amethyst-Tanzanite-Dioptase-Opal-Brass-Orgone-Orgonite-Pretty-SPRING

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