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"I want you to build me the perfect sex dream, i want you to make me want that" -ace who thinks they are broken-

Plot bunny!!!

writing prompt: Pick a year, pick a disaster, now write about the aftermath using this picture.

Strange language.

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This could be used to show how archetypes change through time in literature. The sirens in The Odyssey are quite different from the siren as a mermaid, or even the more modern sirens in Harry Potter.

Prompt -- write about a unique relationship between an immortal and a time traveller (basically write your own Doctor Who story)

Sign language~ words


writing prompts

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How to Write a Book And Get it Published: A Beginner's Guide

Prompt -- "and they rode away into the sunset" "what's a sunset?" "well, I don't know, but my granddad saw one once"