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Portfolio — J. Colby Smith

Daith | Lobe | Conch | Helix | High Lobe | Forward Helix piercing & jewlery-- BVLA, Etsy, Neometal. Piercings done at 4Forty4 Tattoo-Tucson, AZ.

Receive microfiber with every purchase! Every order is treated with care, you will receive a microfiber with your purchase. We take pride in making

50 unique and beautiful ear piercing ideas, from minimalist studs to extravagant jewels

Mini hoops and simple studs

If You Gotta Smoke, Smoke Designer

3mm White Opal Nose Ring - Gold Nose Hoop - Rook Piercing - Cartilage Earring - Tragus Earring - Daith Ring - Helix Hoop - Nose Piercing 20g

Extra Small Opal 14k Gold Filled Nose Ring, 20g Hoop Earring, helix/cartilage/rook/daith tragus piercing 20 Gauge handcrafted/handmade by ModernJewelBoutique on Etsy

Pretty sweet piercings. I'd probably get this done if it weren't for the piercings I already have. Except for the gages. I don't like those.

Inside the Cult of Fashion Piercings

Personalized Ear Piercing - The Ear Adornment Trend and Bespoke Ear Piercing from J. Colby Smith - Elle

Constellation earring.

Daith piercing by Johnny Pearce of Affinity Tattoo. Jewelry by BVLA.