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"Scraps of Thought" by Jiseon Lee Isbara

A bojagi or bo for short (also pojagi or bojaki) is a traditional Korean wrapping cloth.

ポジャギに色の楽しみと線の楽しみがあるとすれば、これらは文字通り後者の部類。 とくにフリーハンドで縦横無尽に線を張り巡らせる醍醐味は、一度味わったら間違...

"scraps of thoughts", hand stitched and drawn, silk fabric, by jiseon lee isbara.

Colorful Pojagi

Bookhou at Home is doing some freehand piecing in rough, hand-dyed fabrics, that has a pojagi feel although she is not using double-side-finished pojagi seams. I'm wondering for such omni-directional scrap use, why not sew the pressed unit onto a straight-grain piece of thin cotton, and use the attachment seams to secure the raw edges. The piece would hang straight, at least.

"Pojagi" Patchwork of Korea.

Image of tear and repair (1) - cloth made with pure raw silk scraps, hand stitched on linen. to lay down or hang on a wall. size 96 x 60 cm. the back is left 'unfinished' and shows a Boro-style sachiko stitching.


Over the Valley 2 by Lee Hyun Joo @ArtBojagi